Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s The Strolling Scones!


DVD of opening night of the Galactic Premiere of the NEW musical stageplay “Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s The Strolling Scones!” Filmed before a live audience October 11, 2013 at the Paradise Theater, Paonia, CO. Available through Paypal or contact us to purchase.


THE YEAR WAS 1969, the peak of rock’s Flower-Power Era: up-and-coming British Invasion band The Strolling Scones were on their first North American tour.

Enroute to a gig in wintry Colorado, the band had an “accident” of unknown cause … their VW microbus careened off the road into an ice-choked Rocky Mountain lake, where the hapless Brits were frozen instantly. Search and rescue attempts failed, and the band was presumed dead.

FLASH FORWARD TO NOW — 40 years later — construction on a nearby ski lodge causes a massive shift in the local geology, diverting tons of water and exposing the entombed microbus and its human time capsule … rushed to the Prestone Cryogenics Lab, the band members are carefully brought out of deep-freeze — vital signs intact and all still in their twenties.

Meet the Strolling Scones: thawed, rested and ready to rock in the 21st century!

Right from the start of their new lease on life, the “Frostbite Four” (T. Malcolm Oxford, Yardley London, Chelsea Morning, Stewart Dewar) encounter challenges adjusting to their unusual circumstances:

Husband-wife duo T. Malcolm and Yardley are greeted by their “infant son”, Harry who is now 20 years older than his parents — and desperately wants to join the band

Stewart and Chelsea join a “frozen-in-time therapy support group” where they meet Rainbow Sunshine, another chronological castaway who’s searching for her lost commune and the Spirit of Haight-Asbury

Not only have so many of their Sixties musical cohorts passed on, the essence of popular music and culture has changed beyond imagination … how do you explain Death Metal, Gangsta Rap, Lady Gaga and Mexican telenovelas to someone from the innocent age of Laugh-In?

The Scones’ old manager, Basil Bellingham, now a megarich software mogul, promises to revive their career … but there’s something fishy about Basil’s enthusiastic plans for the group … and his alluring, air-brained assistant Medea who pops up at the most curious moments — is she all that she seems to be?

“Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s the Strolling Scones!” is a story about getting a second chance to make your dreams come true… and finding out if that dream is what you really wanted in the first place.