Brian Wilson’s Greatest Hits Tour

IMG_0406Anticipation…At Pike’s Peak Center waiting for the Brian Willson Band to take the stage.

The Brian Wilson show on April 18th in Colorado Springs was pure joy, a love-fest, and everyone was singing and dancing to the end. Here is the rundown: The show kicked off with California Girls and ended with Love & Mercy. In-between just about every well known Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) song was played (I did miss Marcella and Friends though). What was really cool is he did some of his more obscure songs from the late 60s and early 70s. Brian’s intricate arrangements and lush vocal harmonies were all in place and sounded huge. They did a Pet Sounds feature with several songs from that classic album and Brian sang God Only Knows which got him a standing ovation.There were 12 musicians (including Brian) on stage playing guitars, drums, bass, vibes, keys, percussion, reeds (one guy who played baritone sax, tenor, and flute), french horn, theremin, jingle bells, and Brian played a white grand piano. Just about everyone on stage sang. Brian sang about half of the songs and I was really impressed with Beach Boy Al Jardin who has lost nothing in the vocal department. Also Al’s son, Matthew, was part of the group and sang the real high parts. Ex-Beach Boy, Blondie Chaplin (from the early 70s) was there and he sang a couple of leads. In all they performed 31 songs during the evening. Of course Good Vibrations was covered with all of the intricacies but the ones that really got to me were, Wake The World from the Friends album, Sail On Sailor, Darlin’, Add Some Music To Your Day, and of course Don’t Worry Baby. When he played the real big hits the crowd went wild. Brian is 75 now and vocally is not quite what he used to be but he wrote the songs and did the amazing arrangements and it was all done so well it didn’t matter. I never thought I’d hear some of these songs live. He has written and produced so many outstanding songs … a real treasure and he has brought love and beauty to the world and millions have sung along to his music…. anyway that’s my take on the Brian Wilson Concert in Colorado Springs.

Here are the songs in order:

California Girls, Dance Dance Dance, I Get Around, Shut Down, Little Duce Coupe, Little Honda, In My Room, Surfer Girl, Salt Lake City, Wake The World, Add Some Music, Cool Cool Water, Don’t Worry Baby, Darlin’, — one I hadn’t heard –, Wild Honey, Sail On Sailor, All Summer Long, Do It Again, Let Him Run Wild, Cincinnati, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, Sloop John B., God Only Knows, Pet Sounds (instrumental), Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda, Barbara Anne, Surfin’ USA, Fun Fun Fun, Love and Mercy.